donderdag 17 januari 2013

Signs (Poem)

In the moon and the stars,
Who lighten the world at night,
In the sun,
Who cares for us during daylight.

In the mountains,
Reaching up so high,
In the birds,
Who travel swiftly across the sky.

In the trees,
Standing firm on the side of the road,
In the sea,
With such strength it can carry any boat.

In the rivers,
that take us to places unknown,
In a flower,
That from a tiny seed has grown.

In this creation,
There are signs to be seen,
A story to be read,
About the world of the Unseen.

So open your eyes,
Don’t pretend to be blind,
And read those signs,
God has given to mankind.

And ask yourself,
How much more signs do you need
To realize
Believing in One Creator is the true creed?

1 opmerking:

  1. Love it ma shaa Allah! Keep it up! It is amazing :) You are talented :)