zondag 2 juni 2013

(Un)Covered (Poem)

This is a message to everyone out there,

Who wants to know,

Why I choose to cover my hair,

And why I don’t just *go with the flow*.

Firstly, I would like to explain,

That I’m not forced to dress this way,

And my father or husband isn’t to blame,

In this matter, they really don’t have a say.

So let me make this clear right from the start,

Observing *hijaab* is a spiritual choice,

Taken with the mind and with the heart,

And not so much to *hide* from the boys.

‘Cause in our society today,

Where women need to be sexy all the time,

And our bodies are put on display,

Covering your body does seem like a crime.

But don’t missunderstand our modest dress,

Our religion doesn’t teach us to hide,

For it’s not the men, but God we want to impress,

As we cover up when we walk outside.

Our beauty isn’t for everyone to see,

Only for those lucky few,

And that is in fact a liberating idea,

That stresses a woman’s real value.

So don’t you think that I am oppressed,

When you see the scarf on my head,

Or the fashion in which I’m dressed,

It’s only by the media that you are misled…

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