woensdag 6 augustus 2014

*Bismillah* garland

Now Ramadan is over, the Eid-holidays have passed and I feel sad not only to have this blessed time having passed by so quickly, but also because I have to take down my decorations... 

As I love decorating my house and giving it that *cozy* touch, I figured I just had to make some new decorations that aren't specifically related to Ramadan, but that do have an islamic purpose to them, to brighten up my big white walls. :-) 

So here's a little something to *islamify* your kitchen or dining area: a *bismillah* garland. 

* *Bismillah* garland template
* Printer
* Colored paper 
* Scissors 
* Thread  or ribbon
* Utility knife
* Washi tape

* I designed the banner myself and you can download it here, in shaa Allah. 
* Print the template (on any type of paper you like) and cut out all the stars with the scissors. 
* On opposite sides of each star: cut 2 little (Vertical if you want the garland to be hanged horizontally, horizontal if you want the garland to be hanged vertically like in my example) lines into the star with the utility knife.
* Hang the stars on a long piece of thread or ribbon by *weaving* the thread through the cut lines on each star. 
* Attach the garland to the wall by using some colorful washi tape. 

Making this craft child friendly: 
You can make this garland together with your kids in teaching them about the islamic rulings concerning eating and dining. When you're teaching them to drink/eat with their right hand and to always say *bismillah* (In the name of Allah) before they start eating, this craft is a great way to visualize what they learned. Print the template on white paper and let your kids color away and *design* their own garland. :-) Let them choose where to hang the garland and let the older ones attach it to the wall.

In shaa Allah, it will serve as a reminder to the whole family during every meal and will brighten up your meal times! :-)

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