maandag 29 september 2014

Eid ul Adha 2014: Eid Candles

Materials needed: 
* 3 glass jars (Recycled from mayonaise, tomato sauce, ... containers.) 
* Glue 
* Brush 
* Black tissue paper 
* Scissors 
* Golden glitter 
* Golden stickers with the letters of the alphabet 
* 3 small candles 
* Matches  


* Cut the black tissue paper into small squares of approximately the same size. (2 cm2) 
* Use the brush to cover the outside of the glass jar completely in glue and stick the little pieces of tissue paper one by one to the jar. Cover the whole outside of the jar in tissue paper except for the top (On which you screw the lid).  
* Make sure the top of the jar is also covered in glue as you sprinkle the golden glitter over the remaining surface.  
* Leave the jar to dry. * Stick the letters E-I-D on the jars: on each jar one letter. * Light the candles and place one small candle in each jar. (Be careful!)  

This little craft really brightens up any table for Eid. :-) Super cozy!


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