vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Eid ul Adha 2014: Little flags

I have a new hobby! Or it would be better to say: a new addiction! Crochet! :-)
Two years ago I bought my first crochet-hook, but it took me a while before I really got the hang of it. With our blueberry arriving soon, I decided it was time to finally sit down and learn it properly. And so I did. :-) I`m still very much a beginner, but I started working on several little projects and I must say: they turned out great! :-) So this year my Eid-decorations aren`t made from paper, but... From yarn! :-)

This project is really easy as it only consists of chains and single crochets. :-) Ideal for every beginner! :-)

What you need: 
* Yarn in whatever color you like. 
* A crochet-hook that is compatible with the type of yarn you want to use. (I used a 4.25 mm) 
* Scissors

The flags: 
* You actually crochet little triangles and it`s up to you to decide on how big you want to make them. I used a very helpful video that explains step by step on how to crochet a triangle. It`s in Dutch however, but you can still use it as the instructions are shown clearly. :-) I didn`t find any proper videos in English yet, but I am sure Pinterest and YouTube will have something to offer. :-) This video doesn`t explain on how you can crochet the edge to give your flags the finishing touch, but here`s how I did it: when I reached the appropriate size I wanted my triangle to be, I attached a new color and crocheted all the way around the triangle by crocheting a single crochet into every little hole. In the bottom tip of the triangle I crocheted 3 single crochets in the 1 hole, while in the 2 top tips I made 2 as you need some more stitches to make it nicely around the corners. Once you`ve crocheted all around, you secure your thread and cut the remaining parts of it. 

The chain: 
* You chain 25. Attach your first little flag to the chain by making 1 single crochet into every stitch on the top row of your triangle. Chain another 10 and attach the next little flag in the same way. Continue until you`ve finished adding all your flags and chain another 25. Chain one, turn and make 1 single crochet in every stitch until you`ve reached the beginning of your garland again. Secure the thread and cut the remaining. 

For sure these little flags will brighten up every room. :-)

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