donderdag 9 juli 2015

Oh Ramadan...

Oh Ramadanyour days went by so fast,  
And most of them have already passed. 
Your time has almost come to an end,  
I can only hope my days fasting were well spent.  

Oh Ramadan, I am not ready to say goodbye,  
I want to cling to your presence as these last hours are passing me by,  
Because there is definitely a fear,  
That this time around next year, maybe... I won`t be here? 

Oh Ramadan, I don`t want you to leave.  
There are still so many good deeds left for me to achieve,  
And after your blessed presence has gone,  
There is still so much work left to be done.  

Oh Ramadan, promise next year we will meet? 
I will do my best! Will do more good deeds! 
Maybe next time I will take head,  
And stop my wrongdoings that I seem bound to repeat. 

Oh Ramadan, you will be missed, again and again,  
As it feels like I am seeing off a dear friend... 
But before you step out of the door,  
I`ld like to ask you for something, just one thing more... 

Oh Ramadan, intercede for me on that Final Day.  
With the days I fasted and the nights I prayed.  
So out of His Mercy I can be forgiven,  
So out of His Mercy I can be saved...  

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