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This year`s Ramadan decorations (2015)

I love to decorate my home during Ramadan and Eids. From the moment I had my own place, I would put my crafting skills to use and make my house as festive as possible during the holy days! Now that I have a son I believe it is even more important to bring that Ramadan atmosphere into our home. Although he is still tiny with his nearly 8 months of age and high likely won`t remember all the effort his mom was putting into decorating the place when he was a baby, lol, I strongly believe islamic education starts from the day a child is brought into this world. (And even before that.) Of course I don`t just decorate our house because of my son, I just love to craft and create pretty things to create a cozy and warm atmosphere at home. And Ramadan and Eid our the perfect times to do so. :-)

This year`s decorations were very budget friendly. A few weeks before Ramadan I normally set out to buy new crafting supplies, but this year I decided to work with what I already had lying around at home. Take a peek...

There are some crafts that I make every year, one of them is a *Ramadan Mubarak* banner. If you`ld like to know how to make the tassels, here`s a tutorial on how to do that. 

Moons and stars can`t be missing during Ramadan! These shiny stars and moons are made from the same paper as the one I used to make the tassels for the banner: golden and silver crepe paper. These are hanging from the ceiling in my hallway and are the first thing you see when you walk through my door. 

This lovely *Ramadan Mubarak* banner is hanging on my front door. It is designed by Sweet Fajr and you can find this and more printable banners on her page
Below the banner I made a garland with yarn and different colors and types of washi tape. Here`s a close up. 

I like to visualize the passing days of Ramadan and the countdown to Eid.


I drew the design in the frame myself, but you can find some nice printables online like this one. To be able to change the number of days every day, you place the printable behind the glass of your frame, you can then write the number of days with a whiteboard marker on the frame. Be sure to not use a permanent marker, so you can easily wipe it off every day. 

The printable on the right is from Sweet Fajr and you can download it here

My love for crochet and candles resulted in this cozy candle light. A great way to recycle all those glass jars you`ve got lying around. Click here for the pattern. 

No Ramadan without a *fanoos* in our family. The streets of Cairo are filled with these (Although nowadays they are mostly electrical) and this brings back memories of Ramadan in Egypt!
The little glass cup is actually a typical Qatari coffee cup, but it can also serve as a candle holder. 

AlhamdouliLlah for a cozy Ramadan home! 

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