dinsdag 25 augustus 2015

Eid-ul-Fitr party 2015

Last weekend we had our Eid-ul-Fitr party. I know, I know, Eid-ul-Fitr was way back in July, but as most of us girls in Qatar were traveling abroad during Eid, we decided to throw a party when most of us got back. 

We decided to make it a REAL party. So not just a get together with some cake and chai, but an actual party including gifts, dress up, decorations, ... all centered around a theme. We`ve had several ideas for a party theme, but the majority vote turned out in favor of *Arabian princesses*!

The party was at my home and I was in charge of making the decorations -Of course, I hear you thinking...-, so I got all crafty again and I was really pleased with how things turned out, alhamdouliLlah. I guess these decorations can suit any Eid party so if you`re looking for some inspiration, here they are... 

These golden moons and silver stars were already hanging from the ceiling in my hallway during Ramadan, but as they so beautifully fit our theme, I decided to let them hang there a little longer. :-) If you`re looking for a template of an 8 pointed star: just continue reading, I am sharing one below. 

I really love how these lanterns turned out. You can find the template for this (and other) lantern(s) here

If you`ve been reading my blog a little, you know I love garlands. I don`t know what it is about them, but I`ve got garlands hanging in practically every room of my house! (Okay, except the bathrooms.) I crochet them or make them out of paper. Here`s a template for an 8 pointed star, just print them in different colors, punch holes in them, string them together, eh voila! 

These little candle light lanterns really created a cozy atmosphere for our party. They are a must have for every Eid party! Here`s the template. 

(As you can see, I really love the crafts from Sweet Fajr. Definitely check out her website!)

Everyone made an Arabian inspired dish and I made Omani Chaklama and Saudi Champagne, both recipes can be found on my blog. 

By Zawani M.

As we got all dressed up -And it was great seeing how everyone interpreted the theme in their dress and accessories!- we really needed to take some pictures, so one of the girls put together a photo booth. She did an amazing job and I really loved how it turned out. I hope we can include a photo booth like this in our future Eid parties! 

But Eid is not all about partying, we also wanted to do something useful and one of the girls put together an islamic quiz. There were 10 questions and for every question answered correctly we got a lovely (hijabi) brooche/pin! I really learned some new things this way: did you know the name of the angels who write down our good and bad deeds? They are called `Kiraman Katibin`. Maa shaa Allah! 

Aren`t these pins lovely?! One of the sisters brought them from Malaysia, I absolutely love them! (And I ended up winning 4, alhamdouliLlah!)

AlhamdouliLlah, it was one of the best Eid-parties ever and I am really grateful to all the sisters who put their effort into making it such a success. Celebrating Eid, when you are living abroad, far away from muslim family and your muslim friends back home, can be really difficult. But we really had a blast and I am looking forward to our next Eid! 

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