donderdag 18 juni 2015

30 Random Acts of Ramadan Kindness

Salaam Aleykoum wa Rahmatoullah wa Barakatouhou dear sisters, 

Ramadan Mubarak! 

AlhamdouliLlah, we have been granted the opportunity once again to witness this blessed month! 

This Ramadan I wanted to do something different. While searching Pinterest for ideas I came across a project that immediately captured my interest. I adjusted it, added my own ideas and inspiration and came up with... 30 Random Acts of Ramadan Kindness. The idea is to perform these acts during this precious month, 1 every day, in shaa Allah. 

I wanted to share this list with you all, so it can serve as an inspiration for you and your family. I believe it is a great idea to do this with your kids during the holy month! 

In shaa Allah, we can all perform many acts of kindness and acts of worship during this month. 

May Allah accept our good deeds and may He inspire us this month to be the best muslim we can be and to carry on striving to be that muslim when Ramadan has passed. Ameen. 

Oum Adam 

1. When crossing another sister down the street: be the first to give *salaam*.
2. Make bird food.
3. Put a cup with water outside for birds.
4. Donate clothing to a good cause.
5. Make iftar for another family.
6. Leave a treat in the masjid for the sisters during taraweeh. 
7. Give up your spot in line.
8. Give way to another car.
9. Pick up litter.
10. Donate to a local charity.
11. Make treats for friends. 
12. Help out someone with a chore or another job.
13. Send Eid-greeting cards.
14. Make a donation to Syria.
15. Make a donation to Palestine.
16. Make Eid-goodie-bags for the kids in our community.
17. Send a surprise to someone.
18. Bake a cake or cookies for the sisters after the Eid-prayer.
19. Make dua for someone you don`t know very well.
20. Leave a surprise for the security guard. 
21. Host an Eid-party.
22. Make get well cards for someone who needs them.
23. Reconnect with a friend or family member you haven`t spoken to in a while.
24. Ask forgiveness from someone you`ve hurt in the past and with whom things haven`t been resolved.
25. Compliment someone.
26. Check in on someone you know is alone.
27. Hold the door open for someone.
28. Smile at everyone you meet. (But let`s keep that gaze lowered when meeting males. ;-))
29. Offer to help someone who looks like they need assistance.
30. Leave a candy bar on 10 cars in the neighborhood. 

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