donderdag 25 juni 2015

A Creative Ramadan: Crochet Star Garland

I learned how to crochet last year and have worked on several projects since: it is such a fun and relaxing thing to do, especially in the evening, when mr. Blueberry is asleep and it`s mummy-quality-time. ;-) 

One of the things I like to create the most is garlands. So for this Ramadan I wanted to crochet a garland out of little moons and stars! Unfortunately the pattern that I found to crochet a crescent moon didn`t really turn out nice, so I stuck to crocheting little stars only. (If you have a good pattern to crochet a crescent, please, let me know!)

Once you know the basic stitches these little stars are very easy to make! (And this pattern uses all the basic stitches so it`s a great exercise!) You can use them in a variety of ways: you can string them all together to make a garland like I did, you can make a mobile with them or use them to decorate gifts for friends and family during Ramadan. 

What do you need?

* Yarn in whichever color you like.
* Crochet hook in the size that matches your type of yarn. (I would advise to use a hook with a small size. The smallest size I have is 4.0 and it caused the stars to have a little hole in the middle. I don`t particularly mind, but if you`ld like to have a smaller hole or no hole at all, I suggest you use a hook with a small size and yarn accordingly.) 

How to make...
Little stars: 

ch *** chain (NL: losse)
sl st *** slip stitch (NL: halve vaste)
sc *** single crochet (NL: vaste) 
hdc *** half double crochet (NL: half stokje)
dc *** double crochet (NL: stokje) 
trc *** treble crochet (NL: dubbel stokje) 

Ch 5, sl st into the 1st ch to create a circle. 
Ch 3, dc into the ring. 13 more dc into the ring, sl st into the 3rd chain to combine. 
*Ch 5, sc in 2nd chain from the hook, hdc in 3rd chain from the hook, dc in 4th chain from the hook, trc in 5th chain from the hook, skip 2 ch, sl st to combine*. Repeat *...* 4 more times. 
Fasten off. 

Source: Ramadan Joy

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